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The world today is already taken over by a number of more advanced and more high-tech video game consoles. Getting to know how these gaming gadgets were conceptualized and later on produced is as important as knowing the history of previously released video game console models. One of video game consoles that invaded the late 90’s is the Sega Dreamcast. Although its fame and glory was short-lived, the online gaming system that we know of today certainly owes a lot from the 1998 released Sega Dreamcast’s video gaming system. It was the pioneer in online console gaming being the first to have an Internet support for playing online and the first to have a built-in modem.

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According to known Dreamcast video game console history, it was sometime in 1997 when Sega Japan’s president Shoichiro Ijimajiril urged Sega America’s President Bernie Stolar to form a team that would develop a new gaming platform. There were two commissioned teams, the first one was headed by International Business Machine’s researcher, Tatsuo Yamamoto and the second one was lead by Hideki Sato, Sega’s hardware engineer. Yamamoto’s team used the Hitachi SH4 processor and 3dfx hardware while Sato’s team chose to pair the SH4 with the Video Logic PowerVR2 processor. At the start, Sega opted to use the 3dfx hardware used by Yamamoto and his team for their prototype, but the management shifted to the PowerVR design. This sudden change of plans led to a lawsuit by builders of the 3dfx but was finally settled. Sega paid $10.5 million to 3dfx. Because of the company’s tainted reputation due to the lawsuit and the unsuccessful Sega Saturn the company wanted to create a new and unblemished named for their gaming gadget. The name Dreamcast was chosen. The company deemed that the new name would entice gamers to buy their product as well as be able to redeem their stocks and public image. And true enough during the September 9, 1999 launch in America following the November 1998 release in Japan, Dreamcast made an all-time video game record sale in 24 hours of around 225,132 units sold. After 4 days, Sega America announced $132 million in sales and almost 372,000 Dreamcast game consoles were sold. Dreamcast Video Game Sonic AdventureIt must have been too much too soon for Sega Dreamcast because after barely 3 years of production, Sega decided to end its production of the hardware in March 2001. This was due to the fact that the Sony Playstation 2 has already taken the limelight away from the Dreamcast as well as other thriving brands like Nintendo’s GameCube and Microsoft Xbox. Production and distribution of the Dreamcast hardware ended in 2002 in America, Europe and Australia while it was still being sold in Japan until 2006. Popular games that were released for the 128-bit gaming console which also uses Windows CE as its operating system include NFL 2000-2002, House of Dead, Sega Rally, Crazy Taxi, Rayman2, Phantasy Star Online 2, Virtua Fighter, Armada and the Power Stone 2 and of course the most popular among gamers during that time, the Sonic Adventure.

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