Atari Lynx Game Console System for Sale

Atari Lynx Console SystemIn late 1989, the Atari Corporation released their 8-bit handheld game console, the Atari Lynx, selling for an initial retail price of $179.95 in the United States. This portable system distinguished itself from its monochromatic hand-held competitor the Nintendo's Gameboy by being the first portable console to feature a color LCD screen with a backlit display. Despite its innovation, Atari Lynx was unable to beat the popularity of the Gameboy, failing to attract quality third party game developers.  If you want to own your own Lynx system, there are sellers online selling mint Lynx game systems and game cartridges, which are listed for sale below.

Atari Lynx II with MCWill LCD Mod w VGA Out
Ends Sunday Jul-22-2018 19:14:30 PDT

Vintage Atari Lynx handheld video game system PAG 0401 w Scrapyard Dog Game
$39.00 (8 Bids)
Ends Thursday Jun-28-2018 18:30:02 PDT

Atari Lynx II 2 system With AC Battery Pack +15 New Games + 2 Open Games
Ends Wednesday Jun-27-2018 15:25:25 PDT

Atari Lynx II 2 system Brand New AC Battery Pack +8 new Games Lot Bundle
$175.00 (2 Bids)
Ends Saturday Jun-23-2018 16:32:47 PDT

Ends Friday Jul-6-2018 17:27:25 PDT

Atari Lynx Launch Edition Gray Handheld System working with games
Ends Sunday Jul-15-2018 10:40:06 PDT

Atari LYNX 2 Handheld Console w Gates of Zendocon TESTED Has Minor Button Issue
Ends Wednesday Jun-27-2018 11:57:42 PDT

Atari Lynx I Model PAG 0201 Working Condition
Ends Wednesday Jul-4-2018 16:00:40 PDT

KRAZY ACE GOLF Full Atari Lynx Game System LOT COLLECTIONALL licensed +MORE
Ends Saturday Jun-30-2018 2:37:37 PDT

Atari Lynx II Handheld System in box with all accesories 3 games TESTED works
Ends Monday Jul-2-2018 7:52:55 PDT

Atari Lynx Launch Edition Gray Handheld System w 1 Game Sun Visor Carry Pouch
Ends Saturday Jul-14-2018 11:31:58 PDT

Atari Lynx II Launch Edition Black Handheld System Comes with 5 Games
Ends Thursday Jun-28-2018 21:48:28 PDT

Ends Thursday Jun-28-2018 6:46:53 PDT

Atari Lynx II
Ends Sunday Jul-22-2018 11:55:38 PDT

Atari Lynx bundle with 5 games TESTED
Ends Saturday Jun-30-2018 8:05:52 PDT

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redesigned atari lynx consoleAtari tried to boost its moderate sales of the Lynx in 1991 by redesigning the console with improved hardware, smaller compact size, and sleeker look as well as a stereo headphone jack, rubber hand grips, and clearer backlit screen. Atari found more competition in the that same year from Sega which released their smaller portable color console Game Gear. Due to Sega's larger library of game titles, the Game Gear stole the spotlight as the second best selling portable game system, placing the Lynx in a distant third. In 1994, Atari concentrated on its 64-bit home console system the Jaguar, abandoning the Lynx. Despite the lack of success, the Lynx still have fans today within the gaming community who still play and collect games for this system.

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