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c64 commodore64 for saleJack Tramiel's company Commodore International created the Commodore 64 which was released to the American public in August 1982 to become one of the most best selling home computer system of all time. Selling for an initial price tag of $595, this innovative home computer hardware was less pricey compared to other 64 kilobytes computers at the time.  The Commodore 64 also known as C64 was sold as a "computer for the masses." The hardware was friendly for use by people who were not professional computer programmers. Home users were able to plug the computer directly to their television so they did not have to buy a separate computer monitor.  This accessibility allowed average Americans to learn how to use the computer at home.  The Commodore 64 computer was especially popular with children since it could function both as an educational tool and a gaming system.  Many huge game publishers created popular video games for this system.  About 10,000 software titles were produced and released during the lifetime of the computer.

Commodore 64C Computer With Original Power Supply Tested Manuals Paperwork
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Commodore 64 SD2IEC Disk Drive Ultimate SD CARD Games Collection
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Vintage Commodore 64C w Original Box Personal Computer 110301
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Commodore SX 64 Executive
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Vintage Commodore SX 64 Portable computer NEEDS REPAIR SX64 Has Keyboard
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Commodore 64 dust cover C64 VIC 20 C16
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Commodore SX 64 with JiffyDOS Works Perfectly
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Commodore 64 Vintage Tested Working + Box Power Adapter Games
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commodore 64
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Commodore 64 computer with Vic modem manuals wires original owner
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Vintage Commodore 64 Computer Keyboard Monitor Floppy Disk Drive
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Vintage Commodore 64 Computer System Breadbox
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Many peripherals for the Commodore 64 were also available during its popularity during the '80s. For example, tape drives allowed users an alternative to the 1541 floppy disks to store data. this was more popular in Europe because it was cheaper but the drawback was it was slower. The floppy disk drives, available in both 5 1/4 inch and 3 1/4 inch versions were also sold separately. Other devices included printers, mouse, and a modem.

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ZONE RANGER Commodore C64 game cartridge Tested
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Summer Games II by Epyx Vintage Commodore 64 Game Rare New Sealed 1985 Box
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Infocom The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Commodore C64 Game WORKING
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Killed Until Dead by Accolade Vintage Commodore 64 128 Game New Sealed Pack
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Lot of 6 games for the Commodore 64
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