Sega Saturn Video Game Console Systems for Sale

Sega Saturn game consoleSega released their 32 Bit video game console system in Japan on November 22nd, 1994, then in North America on May 11th, 1995 and in Europe on July 8th, 1995. A white version of the console was released in Japan and a black one was released in the United States. Although the Sega Saturn was popular in Japan with 6 million units, the system failed to attract gamers in the US, selling only 2 million units despite the fact that it had an impressive hardware, which consisted of dual CPUs with six other processors in its system. This complexity made it difficult for programmers to make games which delayed the development of good games.  It took time for Sega to fill up a library of Saturn games that would attract gamers. Although it eventually acquired some good games, the Saturn ended production in 1998 in the United States and Europe and 2 years later in Japan.  Around that time period, the Saturn was succeeded by the Dreamcast. Despite the setbacks, the Sega Saturn was still able to attract a video game fanbase that continue to appeal to gamers who have a nostalgic interest in playing popular classic games from the past. Below are some online bargains on Sega Saturn game console systems and Saturn games for sale.

Sega Saturn WHITE Console System Ref P7D056557 Tested HST 3220 Games JAPAN
Ends Monday Jun-17-2019 22:39:12 PDT

Sega Saturn WHITE Console System Boxed HST 3220 JAPAN Ref B7F009269
Ends Monday Jun-17-2019 23:01:53 PDT

Sega Saturn White Console System HST 3220 Tested JAPAN Game Ref B64143275
Ends Monday Jun-17-2019 23:38:13 PDT

Karaoke Unit With MIC Karaoke VCDS MKU 1 For Sega Hi Saturn Hitachi Japan MINT
Ends Monday Jun-17-2019 23:44:55 PDT

Sega Saturn SS Console System WHITE HST 3220 Tested Ref P7D036002 D
Ends Monday Jun-17-2019 23:48:43 PDT

Sega Saturn WHITE Console System HST 3220 Working tested JAPAN Ref P7D034502
Ends Monday Jun-17-2019 23:49:18 PDT

Sega Saturn Virtua Arcade Joystick Controller MK 80112
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 1:29:54 PDT

Sega Saturn Virtua Stick Controller SS HSS 0136 With Manual No58
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 2:37:58 PDT

SEGA SATURN Console Working Gray NTSC J Tested Cleaned From Japan
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 3:23:15 PDT

SEGA SATURN Console Working White NTSC J Tested Cleaned From Japan 04
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 3:25:40 PDT

Sega Saturn Racing Steering Wheel Controller Boxed HSS 0115 SS Japan Import Gray
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 4:15:22 PDT

Sega saturn Rhea
$189.12 (1 Bid)
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 5:32:38 PDT

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White Saturn by Sega Japan

Pictured above on the left is the white Saturn game console release in Japan by Sega.  On the right is the Western version of the black Saturn for the American market.


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