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Sega Genesis Game Console System

In 1989, the Sega Genesis became Nintendo's newest competition in the videogame industry. This game console was Sega's fourth generation videogame system and a successor to Sega's previous game system, the Sega Master System. This newer version at the time was equipped with a 16bit PC engine which was superior to Nintendo's 8 bit version.

Below are some classic Genesis game systems. Find the best bargains and prices on the 16 bit Sega Genesis game consoles and bundle sets with controllers and games. Please read the details to check on the quality, condition, price, and what accessories are included in the sale.

Sega Genesis 1 16 Bit Mega System Console + Sonic 2 Controller Hookups Bundled
Ends Wednesday Dec-13-2017 21:58:54 PST

Sega Genesis Console and 4 games
Ends Wednesday Dec-13-2017 22:22:05 PST

Sega Genesis Classic 81 in 1 Game Console 2017 Version + 2x Wired Controllers
Ends Wednesday Dec-13-2017 22:57:06 PST

Sega Genesis Classic 81 in 1 Video Game System 2017 Version TF
Ends Wednesday Dec-13-2017 23:30:03 PST

Retron 5 Nintendo NES SNES Famicom Sega Genesis Game Boy Video Gaming System
Ends Thursday Dec-14-2017 0:06:53 PST

Sega Genesis Classic Game Console 2015 2 Wireless Controller Sonic Mortal Kombat
$31.00 (5 Bids)
Ends Thursday Dec-14-2017 4:00:01 PST

2X Sega Genesis Classic Game Consoles Untested No accessories No Cables AS IS
Ends Thursday Dec-14-2017 4:19:21 PST

SEGA Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player Deluxe 85 Games Especial Edition
Ends Thursday Dec-14-2017 5:50:57 PST

Sega Genesis Model 1 S Video Stereo jack in back Superb video
Ends Thursday Dec-14-2017 6:12:28 PST

Compact SEGA Genesis Mega Drive Clone System 16 Bit + 112 in 1 games cartridge
Ends Thursday Dec-14-2017 6:22:46 PST

SEGA GENESIS SYSTEM ORIGINAL CONSOLE BUNDLE w 4 controllers receiver 11games
Ends Thursday Dec-14-2017 6:47:45 PST

HDMI SEGA Genesis Mega Drive Clone 16 Bit Wireless Controller + 112 in 1 Games
Ends Thursday Dec-14-2017 6:51:27 PST

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