Nintendo Wii Game Console Backwards Compatible with GameCube for Sale

Six years ago before the release of the new Wii U console, Nintendo had the gaming world at the palm of its hand when it launched its original Wii system in November 2006. Prior to its debut, the gaming console (then codenamed Revolution) created a buzz like no other.  The hype may have been one of the factors for the immense popularity of the Nintendo Wii but majority of the gamers believe that the Wii revolutionized the gaming platform.  Ever since its release, Wii has continued to appeal to large number of consumers at varying age groups. Such pull has made Wii the best-selling game console in 2008 and it still went on to sell millions of consoles.

In late 2011, Nintendo released a reconfigured cheaper model which removed Nintendo GameCube compatibility.  These 'neutered' models are the "Wii Mario Kart Edition" and "Wii Family Edition" bundles.

Backwards Compatible Wii Game Console Sports Resort BundleSo now how do I buy a Wii game console that is still backwards compatible with GameCube games? Fortunately Nintendo made a large supply of those editions that online sellers still sell. Many of them are still brand new! You will want to buy the black or white "Nintendo Wii Sports Resort Pack" console bundle that were released before 2011. Here are a list of some backward compatible Wii systems for sale online!

Nintendo Wii Black Console Wii Sports Resort Controller X2 Nunchuck Fully
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 1:47:32 PDT

Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 6:22:23 PDT

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort White Console
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 8:42:24 PDT

Nintendo Wii Console Black with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort TESTED
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 10:45:56 PDT

Nintendo Wii Console 4 Controllers Remotes Mario Party 8 Wii Sports Resort
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 11:01:07 PDT

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort Pack White Console with original box
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 11:23:54 PDT

Nintendo Wii Wii Sports Resort w 9 games
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 12:41:06 PDT

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort Pack White Console RVLSWAAA
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 17:16:07 PDT

Nintendo Wii With Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort Black Console
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 18:02:35 PDT

Nintendo Wii Wii Sports Resort White Console
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 19:16:14 PDT

Nintendo Wii Console White With Wii Sports Resort Video Game Systems Very Good
Ends Tuesday Jun-18-2019 20:08:43 PDT

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort White Console 2 Pack Remote and Nunchuk Controllers
Ends Wednesday Jun-19-2019 8:17:22 PDT

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort Pack White Console PAL Motion Plus VGC Immaculate 1
Ends Wednesday Jun-19-2019 8:29:36 PDT

Nintendo Wii Wii Sports Resort and Wii Remote Plus Black Console And Games
Ends Wednesday Jun-19-2019 9:58:58 PDT

Ends Wednesday Jun-19-2019 11:03:21 PDT

Nintendo Wii Wii Sports Resort White Console
Ends Wednesday Jun-19-2019 13:25:10 PDT

Nintendo Wii White Console Bundle Set Wii Sports Wii Sports Resort RVL 001
Ends Wednesday Jun-19-2019 17:27:40 PDT

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort Konsole 4 Remote Controller Nunchuk Kabel
Ends Thursday Jun-20-2019 4:41:22 PDT

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort Konsole 4 Remote Controller Nunchuk Kabel
Ends Thursday Jun-20-2019 4:42:34 PDT

Nintendo Wii Wii Sports Resort White Console
Ends Thursday Jun-20-2019 8:52:01 PDT

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Nintendo was able to set its Wii apart from Playstation and Xbox 360 by focusing on the fun factor of the Wii Remote. It’s the wireless controller that clearly revolutionized the way users play the games. The Wii Remote acts as a pointing device that can detect movements via the sensory apparatus that comes with the console. Such device allows a player to make a movement or fire a command by just a flick of the wrist. With that said, there are endless possibilities for games that can be designed that will utilize such feature. It was clear that Nintendo had a winner in terms of game console features and design, but it is also a master of marketing and a genius in putting all things together. Nintendo needed a vehicle that will showcase everything that is new about the game console. Then by a stroke of magic, the Wii Sports headlined the list of games that came out upon the launch of the console. What better way to show the new features than by presenting the versatility of the Wii in various sporting events – tennis, boxing, bowling, etc. It was indeed the dawn of the gaming revolution that no other companies dared to bank on.

The Wii Remote alone may be enough to make consumers buy the console, but the Wii is packed with features that will appeal to advanced gamers. One of these key features is the WiiConnect24 that enables players to received messages as well as updates even on standby mode. Essentially, Nintendo was able to galvanized both the fun and the sophisticated factors in one tiny apparatus and was able to transform it into one powerful machine that brings game immersion to the next level.

Wii Fit Plus Balance BoardLongtime family gamer and loyal reader of this blog offered her own review of the classic Wii system's fun popular accessory the Wii Fit, "After receiving a Wii Fit for Christmas this past year, I can’t seem to get off of the white shiny platform. This product is a step in the right direction of bridging the gap between the world of fitness and video games, and after a 30 minute session on the Wii Fit, you will definitely be sweating. The Wii Fit is both addictive and fun. The balance board is actually a very accurate scale and the Wii Fit software helps you keep track of your progress via a chart that is presented to you every time you start up the game. This is a great motivator and is definitely one of the things that will keep you coming back time and time again. You can also have multiple profiles setup in Wii Fit so the whole family can join in on the fitness fun. This feature also brings a competitive nature to the game because you are scored on each activity and I can’t tell you how many times it took me to beat my fiancé’s ski jump score. All of the activities in Wii Fit are fun but I have to say that the balance games are my personal favorite. I am the soccer champion and nobody can even come close to my soccer head butt score. The aerobic activities are a blast as well. Just try a round of advanced hula hoop and tell me if you are winded or not. The only activities that I did not really care for were the Yoga poses. I’m not really big into Yoga but I can see how it would benefit those who were. The ability to see a visual display of your balance while doing the poses is great, but again yoga just isn’t my thing. All in all, the Wii Fit is a great addition to the Nintendo Wii’s growing library. Anyone who is active, or just wants to have a little bit of family fun, should definitely consider picking one of these up. Your love handles will thank you later."

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