Nintendo GameCube Consoles for Sale

Nintendo Gamecube Game Console Videogame System for Sale
The GameCube was released by Nintendo in November 2001 in North America to compete against Sony's Playstation 2, and Microsoft's Xbox. This was Nintendo's first disc based media game console: however, it didn't play regular DVD movies like the PS2. Rather, it played proprietary miniDVDs which loaded games faster than standard DVDs, but the storage capacity of each of these mini-discs is only about 1.5 GBs opposed to 4.7 GBs. Rhis limited how much supplement media they could have on the game discs. The system does not have an internal hard drive so you have to use memory cards to save any games. Nintendo made up for these shortcoming by having many exclusive games that you cannot play on other consoles. Fortunately many of these games today are available for a low price online. Find Nintendo GameCube special deals and low price bargains. Some offers include extra controllers, accessories and extra games so see what kind of bargains you can buy now.

Nintendo Game Cube Black Console Modded NTSC U NTSC J Luigi Mansion USA SELLER
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 21:52:02 PDT

Nintendo GameCube Silver Platinum Console System DOL 101 USA
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 21:53:10 PDT

Nintendo Wii White Console Bundle w GAMECUBE WII Games Dazzle DVC 100 etc
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 21:55:45 PDT

nintendo Gamecube gray color
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 22:30:35 PDT

Nintendo Wii Console bundle with Original Box WORKS RVL 001 White GameCube video
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 22:50:07 PDT

Nintendo Wii Replacement System Console Only White Gamecube Compatible Tested
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 22:58:00 PDT

Free track ship Gamecube Gameboy player Silver box GC GB GBA GBC work start
$34.00 (15 Bids)
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 23:00:08 PDT

Free track ship Gamecube Gameboy player Violet box GC GB GBA GBC work start
$60.00 (18 Bids)
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 23:00:08 PDT

Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 23:10:03 PDT

Nintendo GameCube Pokemon XD Limited Edition Console Complete Bundle with game
Ends Monday Oct-23-2017 0:38:35 PDT

Spice Orange Nintendo GameCube NTSC J Japanese Version
Ends Monday Oct-23-2017 0:47:48 PDT

Game Boy Player Grey Panasonic Q SH GB10 H Nintendo Gamecube Japan
Ends Monday Oct-23-2017 0:52:40 PDT

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Some of the top games for the system are Super Smash Bros Melee, Tales of the Symphonia, The Legend of Zelda Windwaker, Star Wars Rogue Leader, Soul Calibur II with Link, F-Zero GX, Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 4, and Metal Gear Solid. Following the demise of the Dreamcast, Sega focused on being a third party developer, making several games for the GameCube system such as Super Monkey Ball, Crazy Taxi, and Sonic Adventure 2. About 22 million systems were sold by Nintendo worldwide. Even though it didn't match its predecessor Nintendo 64 in sales of 33 million units, the GameCube still made it's mark in gaming history.

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