Nintendo 64 Video Game Console Systems for Sale

In 1996, Nintendo 64 aka N64 was released to the public in Japan and America at a suggested price of $199. The "64" in the name highlighted the game system's 64-bit processor engine which was innovative during this period. In this initial release, N 64 packaged two games, Super Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64 in its bundle set that was for sale. This video game console was the company's third major home video game system for the world market. This console was the last generation to store games on cartridges before it transitioned into the optical format when it released N64's predecessor GameCube which used miniDVDs. This system was retired in 2003.

Nintendo64 Black color Console and PSU set Tested G
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 21:57:56 PDT

Nintendo 64 Pikachu BLUE Console N64 Japan TESTED ONE TIME NEW CONDITION
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 22:08:49 PDT

Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 22:09:01 PDT

Nintendo 64 Clear Blue Console System NUS 001JPN Ref NUJ15950599 Tested Japan
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 22:14:48 PDT

Jungle Green UltraHDMI N64 controller expansion pak ultra hdmi nintendo 64
$650.00 (53 Bids)
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 22:27:40 PDT

Nintendo 64 Daiei Hawks Console Pumpkin Swirl Fire Orange Smoke Black N64 System
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 22:43:12 PDT

Nintendo 64 Jungle Green Console with the game Rush 2049 See Details
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 22:48:50 PDT

Nintendo 64 N64 Charcoal Grey Console not tested
$22.50 (19 Bids)
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 22:59:54 PDT

Nintendo 64 Console n64+NINTENDO BRAND CONTROLLERS+Mario KartSmash Bros+007
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 23:04:52 PDT

NINTENDO 64 Charcoal Grey Game Console W 6 Games SOUTH PARK 007 DIDDY KONG
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 23:17:01 PDT

Nintendo 64 Console Funtastic Donkey Kong Jungle Green Clear Atomic N64 System
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 23:49:38 PDT

Nintendo 64 Console Black Charcoal Grey Funtastic Atomic Clear Purple N64 System
Ends Sunday Oct-22-2017 23:56:09 PDT

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Nintendo 64 Video Game Console System for Sale

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