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Nintendo NES video game console system for sale
If you grew up in the 1980's, you probably have a nostalgic memory of this classic console. Based on the original 1980's Japanese home console system Famicom, the Nintendo Entertainment System, aka NES, was released in 1985 after the game market crash that occurred as the consequence of huge competition amongst video game competitors trying to emulate Atari's huge popularity in the early 80's. This new 8 bit console recharged the home arcade industry with this system that held a huge library of video games.

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The NES dominated the market during the late '80s until Sega released its competition, the 16 bit Genesis during the summer of 1989. During its production, over 700 different game titles were produced and sold.

The video history of Nintendo the game console.

Many gamers see the 1980’s as the golden era of video games. And I really wanted to write about what I felt was the best games console to be released. My choice came down to three Atari 2600 (although released in the late 70’s) Colecovision and the Nintendo Entertainment System. Once I made this list there was only ever going to be one winner:  The Nintendo Entertainment System.

I want to share with you guys a few facts and some fond old memories of my favorite gaming console of the 1980’s. When Nintendo debut their new 8 bit console the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to the world in the mid 80’s, this new system was a game changer in video games. Do not get me wrong the Atari 2600 and the Colecovision were great, but the NES really did change things.

Unwrapping my Xmas gift, a brand new NES system with Mario Bros and Duck Hunt during Christmas morning of 1987 is one of my most cherished Christmas memories. This NES bundle was known as the "action set" and came with the console, controller, NES Zapper and the two games. Nintendo would go on to make many different Nintendo Entertainment System bundles over the life of the console.  Off the top of my head I remember ROB the robot, Mario Bros 3 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just to name a few.

One thing I need to mention is many of the big Nintendo franchises that people play today started life on the NES.  These games include Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Kid Icarus.  Many of these game characters have stood the test of time and are still featured in many popular Nintendo video games for the Wii today.  In addition to Nintendo’s extensive line of first party games, part of the success of the console was due to the huge third party support the system received.  Major third party developers such as Konami, Capcom, and Hudson Soft produced hit games, starting many other video game franchises such as Castlevania and Final Fantasy.

In addition to the spectacular library of games on the NES, another quality that set it apart from the competition was the console's control pad.  The NES was the very first video game system to use a D-pad as a way of moving their character, car, space ship or whatever controllable object was on the screen.  Once you had experienced using the NES controller, it was very difficult to go back and play with the Atari joystick or the odd Colecovision controller without realizing their shortcomings. Pretty much every major console after the release of the NES would adopt a D-pad type of controller for their system.

Another really cool feature that the Nintendo Entertainment System gave to the gaming world was the functionality to save your game. It introduced gamers to the battery back up in games like Zelda which was a god send for extensive role playing games.  Not only this, but many NES games also used a password save system. While a password save system may be seen as a nuisance these days back in that decade, it was a very cool feature.

The Nintendo's 8 bit console ruled the gaming world and it's credited with bringing the video game industry out of the crash that it suffered in the early 80’s. This system is regarded by many gamers in there late 20’s and 30’s as the console that got them addicted to gaming. It is still incredibly popular to this day and no game room is complete without one!

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