Intellivision Game Console Systems for Sale

Intellivision video game console system for sale

The classic home video gaming console Intellivision was released by Mattel in 1980 as a direct competition against the Atari 2600 which dominated the home arcade system market at that time. The original price tag for this system was $299.95, fifty dollars more expensive than the Atari 2600. Intellivision supported superior graphics but with only 19 games in its first year of life, it lacked the vast library that Atari has accumulated over the years. Mattel sold about 175,00 during its first year. However, by 1982 they sold over 2 million units, inspiring them to later release an enhanced version Intellivision 2 which featured a smaller design, music keyboard, cross compatibility with Atari 2600 games, and detachable hand controllers that were redesigned. If you are interested in collecting this console, browse through the sales listings below for some good discount bargains.

TV Play Power Intellivision Plug Play Video Game Handheld Console 10 Games
Ends Friday Oct-31-2014 10:48:29 PDT

HUGE Intellivision Consoles and Games Lot w Overlays
$11.99 (3 Bids)
Ends Friday Oct-31-2014 10:48:56 PDT

Super Nintendo SNES Console No Yellowing
Ends Friday Oct-31-2014 14:12:50 PDT

Intellivision Flashback Classic Game Console Plug N Play At Games New 60 Games
Ends Friday Oct-31-2014 15:09:20 PDT

Intellivision Brown Console with 3 Games Guaranteed to work fast shipping
Ends Friday Oct-31-2014 18:21:49 PDT

Ends Friday Oct-31-2014 18:55:51 PDT

Mattel Intellivision Brown Console Complete In Original Box + Burgertime
Ends Friday Oct-31-2014 21:52:19 PDT

RARE Intellivision III 3 Video Game System Complete w Original Box + Dungeons
Ends Friday Oct-31-2014 21:54:42 PDT

Ends Saturday Nov-1-2014 8:40:29 PDT

Intellivision 2609 BrownVideo Game Console Tested Working Nice
Ends Saturday Nov-1-2014 10:01:37 PDT

Intellivision system with 7 games
Ends Saturday Nov-1-2014 10:37:12 PDT

Vntg Intellivision Super Pro System39 Games Manuals and Cards UNTESTED
Ends Saturday Nov-1-2014 13:26:24 PDT

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Game Console Intellivision 'The Intelligent Television" Commercial from the '80s.


Another nostalgic commercial about this classic system. Note: George Plimpton had a recurring role as the presenter comparing Intellivision vs Atari games.

The Intellivision can be considered the first 16-bit game console system and also the first to have the ability to download games. The system did not have hardware to save these downloadable games so it would be erased when it was turned off. IntelliVoice module, which used the SPO256 Orator chip, allowed for certain games have real-time voices unlike earlier systems. This video game console was also the first to offer a music synthesizer keyboard as a peripheral.

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