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After the production of many video game consoles in the '80s and '90s, Sega created their final game system, the Sega Dreamcast, which was originally released in Japan on November 27, 1998. Sega of America released their domestic American version on September 9, 1999. After the disappointment of its predecessor Sega Saturn, the company found renewed interest from gaming fans through their Dreamcast console. Unfortunately, the dominating success of the new PlayStation 2 by Sony lead to Sega discontinuing the production of the system in 2001. The company left the hardware game business in order to focus on creating game software instead. Dreamcast Video Game Sonic AdventureAlthough Dream cast had a short production run, fans support the game system to this day, releasing homebrew video games.

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Sega Dreamcast Console w Games
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Sega Dreamcast Video Game System Console
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Sega Dreamcast Game Console for Sale

Because of the Sega Dreamcast’s untimely demise, there were only a few models that were released. The first ones were the grey in hue hardware and the white-colored ones produced in 2000. In certain parts of America, limited edition Dreamcasts were released with the Sega Sports logo, these were black in color. The pink Sakura Taisen and the Hello Kitty version were only released in Japan. Despite its transitory “career” in the video gaming scene, the Dreamcast will always be a part and a major contributor of the online gaming and video game consoles that we know of today.


Hello Kitty Dreamcast game console

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