Colecovision Game Console Systems for Sale

Colecovision Video Game Console System Sale

In August 1982, the classic '80s videogame system ColecoVision originally debuted as a major competition against Atari which released its upgrade Atari 5200 in November of the same year. Despite the challenge, the ColecoVison video game console still made a competitive mark in the gaming market, selling over 500,000 units by Christmas of that year due to its impressive graphics and quality arcade game ports. The initial game console was bundled with Donkey Kong which was a hit with video game fans. Below are some commercials from the era and you can find the current bargains you can find online if you want to buy or collect their console.

ColecoVision Flashback Classic Game Console Deluxe Collectors Edition
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 15:12:44 PDT

ColecoVision Launch Edition Black Console
$78.20 (22 Bids)
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 20:13:46 PDT

Atari Gold AND Colecovision Flashback Game Console Video Game Systems Excellent
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 21:11:44 PDT

COLECO Video GAME SYSTEM 6 Games Football Soccer Plug Play Hockey
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 23:27:33 PDT

Colecovision Atgames Flashback Classic Game Console New Gift
Ends Tuesday Oct-23-2018 10:08:02 PDT

Colecovision Flashback Dollar General Exclusive Version
Ends Tuesday Oct-23-2018 11:13:56 PDT

Colecovision Module 2 Dustcover Custom Made NEW
Ends Tuesday Oct-23-2018 12:45:03 PDT

ColecoVision Launch Edition System Intellevision System Untested Together
Ends Tuesday Oct-23-2018 12:47:10 PDT

$58.63 (23 Bids)
Ends Tuesday Oct-23-2018 13:44:35 PDT

colecovision with roller controller +gamescarnival slither ladybug d kong
$59.99 (1 Bid)
Ends Tuesday Oct-23-2018 14:02:54 PDT

OFFICIAL ColecoVision Bundle Lot 13 Games Expansion Modules Roller Ball
Ends Tuesday Oct-23-2018 14:35:47 PDT

AUTHENTIC ColecoVision Bundle + 13 Games + Super Action Controllers + MORE
Ends Tuesday Oct-23-2018 14:36:48 PDT

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Back in 1932, Coleco was originally founded by a russian immigrant named Maurice Greenburg in New York state in the United States. It was actually a leather supply company that sold material to shoemakers. In the 1960s, Greenburg, through the help of his oldest son Leonard, switched to manufacturing plastic molds and plastic swimming pools. After becoming successful in the pool industry, he sold his original leather business to Lomart to focus on other industries. His younger son Arnold Greenburg who was a lawyer joined the family business and became the CEO of Coleco in 1975. Arnold wanted to compete in the emerging video game industry and developed the Telstar video game console which featured a home tennis video game. The success of this console motivated Coleo to develop new games and recruit talent from rival video game companies, leading to the creation of a home game console which allowed consumers to play different arcade games. In 1981, Coleco began its development of this system, releasing ColecoVision a year later with popular titles from third-party game developers such as Donkey Kong, Burger time, and Space Invaders. Coleco's console system outsold the Atari 5200 by over a million units but discontinued production in 1985 after its sales declined due to the video game crash of 1983.

Classic ColecoVision "Your Vision is Our Vision" TV commercial advertisement for their game console in 1982. Notice how they exaggerate the quality of the graphics by adding expensive 3D special effects to this ad.

This ColecoVision game commercial shows clips of the actual games and the different controllers and accessories for sale. This ad also previews "Adam" the addon keyboard computer module for Colecovision in 1983.

80s colecovision poster

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