Classic Nintendo Gameboy for Sale

Original Nintendo Gameboy for saleNintendo debuted the original Game Boy in 1989, becoming the first hand-held video game console since the failure of Microvision 10 years previously. Gunpei Yokoi headed a design team who was responsible for the Game & Watch systems. Tetris, a popular puzzle game, was initially included with the GameBoy package. Following the success of Nintendo, several competing game companies also released hand-held portables around that time. Nintendo's major gaming competitors were the Sega Game Gear and Atari Lynx which had the first color LCD display for a portable. Although these competing systems contained more advanced technology, video game buyers did not like their faster battery consumption and lack of third-party developer support. As a result, Game Boy remained the highest seller of handheld portables into the early 90's throughout its lifespan.

Then in 1998, Nintendo updated its portable console and launched Game Boy Color in Japan that eventually sold over 11 million units in Japan and an astounding 49 million worldwide. The major advantage of the Color version was its backward compatibility with original non-color GameBoy cartridges, allowing it to debut with a large library of game cartridges already on the market. This capability became one of the main selling point of the new Game Boy line since Nintendo dominated its competitor with its vast gaming library. The top selling games during this handheld's lifespan were Tetris, the Pokemon game series, Super Mario Land, and The Legend of Zelda series.

Other succeeding Game Boy portables include:

Nintendo Game Boy Advance AGB 001 White W 6 Games GBA Rugrats Monsters Inc
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 12:49:38 PDT

Pink Clear Gameboy Advanced Nintendo GBA+New Screen Clean+Tested
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 12:50:29 PDT

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Pearl Blue Backlit Display
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 12:51:57 PDT

Indigo Gameboy Advance Nintendo GBA + New Screen
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 12:55:46 PDT

Used Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Clear Purple Handheld System Japan Slightly Used
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 13:03:15 PDT

Original Nintendo Game Boy Handheld System DMG 01 w Tetris Gameboy
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 13:03:39 PDT

Original Nintendo Game Boy Handheld System DMG 01 w Tetris Gameboy Power Pack
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 13:03:40 PDT

Original Nintendo Game Boy Gray Console System CIB In Box W killer tomatoes
$72.00 (1 Bid)
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 13:06:40 PDT

Nintendo Game Boy Color Kiwi Green Used
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 13:10:29 PDT

Nintendo Silver Game Boy Advance SP AGS 001 With Mario Kart
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 13:11:17 PDT

Clear Inverted Gameboy Pocket Nintendo Backlit with Backlight New Screen
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 13:14:14 PDT

Black Gold Zelda GameBoy Advance SP MINT AGS 101 Brighter Nintendo System gb
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 13:19:17 PDT

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