Atari Jaguar Game Console Systems for Sale

In November 1993, the Atari Corporation released a new 64-bit video game system called the Jaguar with it's new slogan, "Do the Math." Atari initially sold their new game system with a selling price of $249.99.  The Jaguar game consoles were manufactured by IBM but originally they was developed by a company called Flared II who was also developing a 32 bit system called Panther for Atari at the time.  Since Atari was more optimistic with the development of the Jaguar, they cancelled the Panther in order to focus on their innovative 64 bit system which was suppose to surpass the quality of competing game consoles such as Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and Panasonic 3DO.  Although the Jaguar was released a year before other fifth generation systems such as Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation, it was not a commercial success due to its small library of games and complexity in programming new games.  Because the sale of the Jaguar fell way below Atari's high expectations, Atari decided to leave the home game console market to minimize their financial loss.  Despite the commercial disappointment, the Jaguar still attracted a fan base that not only enjoyed playing the limited number of quality games but also creating their own "homebrew" games for the system.  Now you have an opportunity to buy your own used Jaguar game console which are available for sale online.

Atari Jaguar Cd Only as is please read description
$180.00 (1 Bid)
Ends Sunday Dec-17-2017 16:53:08 PST

Atari Jaguar Cd
Ends Saturday Dec-23-2017 13:12:35 PST

S745 ATARI JAGUAR 64 Bit Interactive Multimedia System w Controller 1990s
$42.00 (8 Bids)
Ends Sunday Dec-17-2017 15:35:12 PST

Atari Jaguar Complete System With Games
Ends Friday Dec-15-2017 17:15:58 PST

Ends Tuesday Dec-19-2017 17:57:36 PST

Atari Jaguar Console Jaguar CD Console Both W Original Box No Inserts Foam
Ends Friday Jan-12-2018 15:14:42 PST

Atari Jaguar Console Controller RF + AC Tempest 2000 Tested
Ends Sunday Dec-17-2017 16:49:16 PST

Atari Jaguar System with Box and Aliens Vs Predator with Box Instructions
Ends Friday Dec-15-2017 19:14:54 PST

Atari Jaguar Console NTSC
Ends Friday Jan-5-2018 19:20:03 PST

Atari Jaguar Custom Dust Cover Red Logo Terrific idea for a Christmas present
Ends Thursday Dec-14-2017 17:18:30 PST

Atari Jaguar System Console NTSC New with Cybermorph Global Shipping Option
Ends Sunday Jan-7-2018 23:03:46 PST

Rock Band Rivals Wireless Fender Jaguar Bundle for Xbox One Guitar Bundle
Ends Monday Jan-8-2018 13:35:06 PST

Atari Jaguar CD New Dust Cover Red Logo Know a Jaguar collectorHeres the gift
Ends Thursday Dec-14-2017 17:49:37 PST

Atari Jaguar System Console NTSC New Open Box with Cybermorph
Ends Monday Jan-8-2018 13:26:03 PST

Atari Jaguar Black Console box Includes Poster plus extras TESTED WORKS
Ends Tuesday Jan-9-2018 16:39:35 PST

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