Atari 7800 Game Console System for Sale

Atari 7800 game system consoleThe Atari 7800 ProSystem video game console was originally released in 1984 as the successor to its previous model Atari 5200, but the new system was abruptly shelved due to the sale of the company Atari Inc. during the video game crash that occurred between 1983 and 1985. This system was eventually re-released in January 1986 by the Atari Corporation. It's competition at that time was the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and the Sega Master System. Unlike the 5200, the 7800 was fully backwards compatible with the Atari 2600 game cartridges and sold at an affordable price. However, due to the success of the NES, Atari as well as Sega Master System had a harder time attracting game developers before Nintendo so the 7800 did not have a popular library games such as the NES. atari 7800 game cartridgesThe Atari 7800 was able to get a few games from Nintendo developed such as Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers. The game system had about 59 licensed games and 14 aftermarket games during its run. Atari kept the system active until 1991 due to the tremendous success of the Nintendo game systems which controlled about 80% of the North American market by 1992.  Even though time has passed, you can still buy your very own Atari 7800 game consoles which are for sale online for new classic video game fans!  Below, you can shop for mint condition Atari 7800 systems and video game cartridges on sale.

Atari 7800 Black Console NTSC
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 15:19:35 PDT

Atari Flashback Retro 7800 Classic Game Console 20 Built in Games
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 16:43:29 PDT

Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 21:23:32 PDT

Atari Flashback Mini 7800 Console Cables Only NO Controllers
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 21:59:16 PDT

Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 22:39:12 PDT

atari 7800 console
Ends Monday Oct-22-2018 22:45:01 PDT

ONE on ONE BASKETBALL game cartridge only ATARI 7800 PRO system
Ends Tuesday Oct-23-2018 5:37:10 PDT

Vintage Atari 7800 Video Game Console Controllers Games in Original Box Untested
$71.00 (3 Bids)
Ends Tuesday Oct-23-2018 11:42:49 PDT

ATARI 7800 PAL mit AV SCART Anschluss NEU NEW fr moderne und alte TV
Ends Tuesday Oct-23-2018 12:15:13 PDT

HAT TRICK game cartridge only ATARI 7800 PRO system
Ends Tuesday Oct-23-2018 13:48:04 PDT

atari 7800 Pro System Bundle With 50 Games And 8 Controllers
$10.50 (8 Bids)
Ends Tuesday Oct-23-2018 13:56:18 PDT

Atari Flashback Mini 7800 Classic Game Console 20 Built In Games Works Excellent
Ends Tuesday Oct-23-2018 14:59:44 PDT

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