Magnavox Odyssey Game Console System for Sale

magnavox odyssey 1972In August of 1972, Magnavox made it's mark in the history of video games by producing and commercially releasing the world's first home video game system, Odyssey, in North America. It's creator Ralph Baer made this analog game console which featured two controllers and the ability to connect to a standard television set from the 1970s. Similar to a cartridge, the Magnavox Odyssey used a removable circuit board card with jumpers that were used to determine which game a player wanted to display on their TV. Despite how innovative the system was for its time, Magnavox did not market the system to consumers very well so it did not sell well. The console sold for about $100 in 1972 and sold only about 100,000 units. For this reason, mint condition Magnavox Odyssey consoles with its original retail box sale for a premium price by collectors. If you are looking to own your very own rare Odyssey system, you can see if you can find a good sale price below:

NEW Nintendo Switch 32gb Neon 32gb Console+Super Mario Odyssey bundle lot system
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Nintendo Switch 32GB Neon Red Blue Console + Mario Odyssey Zelda + 2 more games
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Nintendo Switch 32GB Gray Console Octopath Traveler And Mario Odyssey
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odyssey microprocessor
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Vintage MagnavoxOdyssey2 Game Catalog The Keyboard Is The Key EL 3380 2
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Vintage MagnavoxOdyssey2Cartridge Catalog The Keyboard Is The Key EL 3358 4
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Vintage MagnavoxOdyssey2Game Catalog The Ultimate Computer Video EL 3313 1
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Vintage 36 Page Odyssey2 Game Catalog with a One of a Kind Color Pre Press Proof
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Odyssey II video game system
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Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition with Red Joy Cons 32GB Red Console
$192.50 (4 Bids)
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1973 Oddssey Magnavox Sale Price

This is a copy of an advertisement of the Odyssey from 1973.  It reads, Odyssey is the fantastic new electronic game that easily attaches to any brand 18 to 25 inch television to create a closed circuit electronic playground.  With Odyssey yo participate in're not just a spectator!  The fascinating casino action of Monte Carlo, the excitement of Wimbledon, the thrills of a heated game of football-can all be duplicated right in your own living room!
Odyssey is thought, action and reaction. It comes complete with a battery-powered control unit (batteries included), six printed ciruit game cards, twelve action and learning games for the entire family, eleven different game overlays and two player controls, as well as a wide variety of game aids.  The master unit allows you to control the speed of the game, the player control lets Odyssey is also an electronic teaching aid.  You child can learn numbers, letters, geography, even abstract thinking!  And best of all, Odyssey makes learning fun.  It's new from Magnavox and works with any brand TV, black and white or color.  Come in now for the fun of a demonstration.  Odyssey model 1TL200.


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